The Government has not yet announced any school closures, nor yet limited gatherings of any specific size. However, it does not seem socially responsible to be encouraging or celebrating a large gathering of possibly 150 people of all generations to be in the same space with each other, in some cases for the best part of a whole day, when we are currently in the midst of “the worst public health crisis in a generation”, and I would argue for much longer than that. 

I have therefore taken the decision, in consultation with all the other main coordinators, to postpone the Midlands Taiko Day on March 21st. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment this may cause.

We absolutely intend to revisit the same basic plans for the big drum off, the afternoon showcase and inviting back Taiko Meantime as our evening guests.  As soon as alternative dates have been clarified we will make all the appropriate public announcements.


Despite postponing the bigger event, we will for now be continuing with our regular weekly and monthly classes as we can manage smaller groups more easily and take appropriate precautions. It is entirely your choice if you wish to attend class. We completely understand if you prefer not to. 

Here are the initial precautions we will be putting in place for ongoing classes:

  • At the start and end of each class we will clean Bachi with disinfectant wipes and ask students to wash their hands before and after classes.
  • Provide optional disposable gloves for those who don’t wish to handle shared Bachi.
  • Taiko West will make extra hand gel and soap (subject to availability) available for student use. Of course if you have your own feel free to bring that along for your own use.  We are looking at sourcing Bachi for individuals to buy so as to reduce issues around hygiene and cleaning of sticks. We will provide more information about this option more during upcoming classes.
  • We are also currently researching options of moving towards live or recorded online classes for a temporary period.

Please be aware that many Taiko West classes take place in schools, and that schools are in effect a higher risk environment for spreading the virus.  Again it is entirely your choice if you wish to attend class. We completely understand if you prefer not to while the health emergency continues.

We definitely highly recommend that if you are showing any kind of mild symptoms (cough, cold, temperature, headaches, fever) whatsoever that you DO NOT attend class. Also avoid attending if you have recently travelled from abroad, especially from countries with high Corona Virus (Covid-19)
outbreak. If you have any existing respiratory health conditions, it is also advisable that you DO NOT attend.

We may also have cancellations or changes of venue over the coming months. Please keep checking your inboxes and FB  messages and group pages.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We appreciate your support in making Taiko a safe environment for everyone. 

James Barrow

Founder and Leader at Taiko West