Our second five-week course (officially Course 02-20) starts on Monday 29th June.

We are offering a fresh and slightly discounted sign-up option which includes everything except the two-way live sessions, so we’re referring to it as the one way option, 1W for short. To clarify, the new 1W option includes:

  • Continued access to the fresh Course 02 Resources (kuchi shoga pdfs, videos of James breaking down the rhythms, and in some cases mp3 audio files)
  • Access to the Recorded Replays of the live Course 02-20 two-way classes
  • Continued access to our “onboarding” technical service in case you decide to change your mind or have any other technical queries.

– Main Course 02 , Categories A, B or C, price £25.
– Option 1W price £20.
– Payment via BACS, details via Beth Lear.
– Payment reference, full name and either A, B, or C, or 1W.

Once you have paid for your place, please email Beth Lear, Taiko West Admin Officer, on beth@taikowest.com to confirm you have done so.

You won’t necessarily get an immediate confirmation from us, but unless you hear to the contrary please assume your place is then booked. There will be a final confirmation to everyone closer to the start date.

All course members will receive a login username (your email address) and password to access all the online resources. If you have already received yours, it will remain unchanged for Course 02.

Classes are split into 3 categories – please check the online classes schedule on this page for the class dates for your level:

A – SOLID FOUNDATIONS is for those who are newcomers or those who like to take things slow and steady, or enjoy going back over stuff.
B – BEYOND THE BASICS is for those who are confident enough to build beyond just their solid grasp of the basics, but who also don’t necessarily want the pressure of picking things up too fast nor trying stuff that’s overly complex.
C – RAISING THE BAR is for those who feel ready for the challenge of going at a quicker pace and moving out of their comfort zone.

NB: If you were having any thoughts that you would like to possibly change between A, B or C categories, or just try out a different one before deciding which for the next Course, please contact James Barrow directly to talk through the options. Text is best on 07446 331162.

The online classes will be delivered using Zoom.  It is recommended that you view the live online classes on as large a screen as possible for maximum benefit.

– For the best experience, please use Zoom via their client/application.

– You can download the Zoom client via https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

– The meeting link will be provided to you by email in advance of the online session.

– If you wish to join Zoom using a mobile device, you will need to download the Zoom app on to your mobile device.
– You can download the free Zoom app via Google Play or Apple App Store.
– Use the link provided via email and it will automatically open the app.

If you are using a WiFi connection, it is best to be as close as possible to your router. Broadband speed too can make a huge difference to the quality and latency (lagtime) of what you will be watching online. You can quickly check your broadband speed by going to Fast.com.

If after following all of the above steps you are still experiencing technical problems, please make use of our onboarding service by contacting Michael de Groot via michael@taikowest.com.

– To investigate options for creating your own drum surface or purchase a practice pad, follow the link to the DIYKIT webpage, taikowest.com/diykit, which includes explainer videos and further links with details of practice pad options.
– To order bachi, which we will organise for you, you can complete a bachi order form, via taikowest.com/bachi.
– Metronome – you may have noticed that James uses a metronome during the online class. You can search for them online or download the one he uses, Pro Metronome from Google Play for Android or Apple App store for iOS.


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The normal Taiko West refund policy also applies to online classes (i.e. if I fail to deliver classes for any reason, you get refund or payment deferred/ bounced across to further classes, but if you miss a class then no refund. Sorry!)

Any questions about groupings or class content, please contact James Barrow via james@taikowest.com

Technical issues? Please contact Michael de Groot via michael@taikowest.com 

Any questions about payment, please contact Beth Lear via beth@taikowest.com